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There is a beautiful story behind every idea

This story, like so many others, begins with an idea that you can’t get out of your mind. But unlike others, it develops, and it grows through study, research, and the boundless curiosity that creates a craftsman with a passion for his work. The motivating force of the future goldsmith, Marco Gerbella, is the history of his craft, the most hidden secrets of an ancient art that must be preserved and perpetuated in the face of the onward march of modernity. And so, today, after exciting experiences that were instrumental in his development, his workshop produces both delightful jewels of the utmost grace and elegance and superb luxury creations. Both lines displayed in all their splendour in the showroom in Via Matteotti, in the historical centre of a town, Ravenna, renowned worldwide for its mosaics housed in UNESCO Heritage buildings. It is a brand that rests on solid, emotionally rich foundations, a team of well matched, meticulous and creative professionals and friends who give the best of themselves with that most powerful of motivating forces, the heart, which has become a symbol of the products of Marco Gerbella Goldsmiths.

The professional experience

In 1990 Marco worked as a designer for De Lazzari, a name with an international reputation and an epitome of the art of the goldsmiths of Valenza. Two years later he met Giuseppe Marotto, a gifted and eclectic character: a goldsmith, musician, poet and writer, he welcomed Marco into his home/studio and, together with his son Claudio, nurtured his professional development resulting in his becoming the Marco Gerbella of today. It was during this period that he developed the idea of starting his own workshop where he could carry out his creative activities while at the same time developing his relationship with his customers, a real atelier in which to create unique jewellery, the fruitage of his acquired experience and skill. Marco Gerbella Goldsmiths opened in Via Maggiore in Ravenna in 1994, the result of the collaboration of many friends, who contributed their work and support to the project. In 2007 the Marco Gerbella jeweller’s shop opened in a small store that fitted perfectly the image of what, in the meantime, had become a small business, where goals and passions are shared, bound together by a love for craftsmanship, beauty and taste.

The Hands

The artisan goldsmith lived through long years of oblivion in terms of technological development, having always specialised in manual craftsmanship, carried out using simple tools that required considerable skill and knowledge of the goldsmith’s art. However, in recent years, significant progress has been made, offering many artisans the chance to develop high-quality production using extremely sophisticated technologies, when much of the work is performed thanks to computers and machinery. My training and my character have prevented me from following this evolution. All of our jewellery is crafted entirely by hand, forging the metal in exactly the same way as the master goldsmiths have done for centuries and choosing every stone with care and devotion. It is with great humility that we pursue an activity that I see as being filled with reasons not to forget...

The People

I don’t want to tell you just about what we do, but also about who we are. My greatest satisfaction comes from meeting my co-workers each day, finding out what they are thinking and always having time for their personal successes, passions or concerns. That’s what really makes us a family. We are not just a factory, but an artisan’s workshop that safeguards and perpetuates centuries-old traditions. It is with great humility that we pursue an activity that we believe must not be forgotten.
Dario Gerbella Goldsmith and workshop supervisor
Cristina Musconi Goldsmith and co-founder
Maria Dubbini Goldsmith and restorer
Alessandra Regini Marketing Manager
Laura Bini Showroom Manager
Federica Belletti e Valentina Gardini Administration and social media Manager

Marco Gerbella in 7 minutes

Although seemingly easy, creating a piece of jewellery calls for a trained hand, expertise, love and passion.
Like the heart that you will see crafted in this evocative film in which Marco Gerbella brings to bear all his professional experience accumulated over so many years. In addition to the material, the added value that he brings is the craftsmanship needed to make it.
The video was filmed by his director friend Stefano Mordini.